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First ATC's

This is a picure of my first ATC's. I did the swap on the crafts beautiful forum and have kept one for myself. I know that they are not the best, so if you have any comments on how I can improve feel free. This is my first dealing with paper craft that has been given to someone else. I got the paper and the toppers from Allissa Designs who gave these for free for Easter. Her link is on the side bar.

Plaited Necklace

This is the latest make of today. I spent all evening making it but love the outcome. I know that if I was to do this one again I would have to work on finishing it off. I may need an extra 5 pairs of hands to help hold on to different bits. I love the colours of this necklace and the fact that it's different to all other necklaces I own and have seen in the shops.


This is my latest necklace that I've made it didn't take long to complete and I really like it. I've enter this in the jewellery challenge. I've had all these beads for ages now and didn't know what to do with the green beads. This is my first lariat that I've made and I want to make more in the future. I haven't been brave enough to wear it yet as it's completely different to anything I've ever bought - not that I've ever seen one on the high street.

Crafting Challenges

Here are some of my jewellery I have made with a crafting challenge in mind.

This is the bracelet I made for the jewellery challenge that tiggertastic runs. I am going to try and put a link at the side if I can work it out. I found this bracelet a pain to do as when I was trying to knot the elastic I kept flicking sead beads off in all directions.

This is the 2 makes I made for the Create with Kate on the crafts beautiful forum. This was interesting to do as both bracelet and necklace I learnt a lot. I now can just about manage to knot elastic and finish it of better. I also made my first cluster necklace. The bracelet looks much better wearing it then on the scanner. The cluster necklace also does not sit properly on the scanner. At some point I need to buy a decent camera so that I can get good photos.

My first makes.

Here is picture of all my first makes. I wanted to start this blog so I can see all my pictures in one place.

This is my first necklace I ever made after I went to the gem 'n' beads fair at newton abbott racecourse. I made this by following instructions in a book. This was really easy to make and turned out well.

My second necklace is this double standed one. I had flicked through the book and saw it talking about double standed necklace and decided to do something different. This worked out well at the time. It is not my favourite and one of the beads has broken, the quality was not great seen lots of cracks in the other ones now.

My 3rd one I made was from the LGC magazine and I picked it up so that I could get some new ideas. I copied one of the designs in their and actually made my first set of earrings to go with it.

The next one was done by looking at reading LGC and seeing that I don't have to cover the whole wire in beads. I can use crimp beads to fix them i…